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iQSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms, compares the obtained data with the standard data, and finally obtains a similar value. When the similar value is within a certain range, the monitoring system will generate an alarm. iQSense technology significantly reduces the false alarm caused by light and shadow changes, leaves, cats and dogs, insects, etc., and only alarms for human shape and vehicle shape.

How is iQSense different?

Perimeter Protection

Based on the perimeter protection function, it triggers an alarm only when there is a human or vehicle movement, which can save users from the hassle of unwanted alarms.


With smart motion detection technology, it detects targets and classifies them into people, vehicles, and others, effectively reduces false alarms.

What benefits can iQSense bring to your family and business?

• Precise focus and quick reactions

With the deep learning algorithm, alarms trigger only by people and vehicles, and the notifications can be pushed to mobile devices right away. It’s equipped with two-way talk and other functions to achieve active response and avoid property loss in time.

• Labor-saving and cost-savings

With iQSense technology on IP cameras, NVRs and UVRs, making the surveillance system more intelligent, which can significantly save labor resources and operating costs.

• Easy to operate and backup

With one-click arming and disarming, instant s are sent via Apps, messages and emails. It also supports video backup to Google Drive and Dropbox, eliminating the need for a separate cloud storage subion, and allowing you to keep your data safe with simple actions at all times.

• Versatile functions

Based on iQSense intelligent analysis algorithms, human and vehicle classifications, equipped with active deterrence, smart dual illuminators, PTZ auto tracking, and other features of products, it can adapt to different scenarios and achieve a wider range of applications.

How does it work?