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Illumination is one of the most important factors affecting image quality. As the light darkens, the ability of surveillance cameras to capture details such as faces and license plates decreases rapidly. To overcome this problem, enhanced infrared technology helps to provide high-performance, energy-saving infrared solutions and provide high-quality and clear video.

Advantages of using Enhanced IR

Increase sensitivity by up to 70%

Enhanced sensor infrared light sensitivity increases by 50 ~ 70%. Sensor enhances 850nm infrared sensitivity and improves night vision effect

Further night vision distance, up to more than 100 meters

The brightness of low beam and high beam lamps can be adjusted manually or automatically according to the zoom rate. When zooming in, the high beam will turn on and the low beam will turn dark, automatically providing a suitable light source for the distance, so as to obtain a clear image in the distance, and vice versa. Qualvision also provides you with the option of manually adjusting the brightness of high beam and low beam lamps.

Enhanced IR technology combines high beam and low beam lamps to make the infrared LED reach a longer distance than before in the night vision environment. The infrared intensity is adjustable to adapt to different lighting conditions under different specific viewing angles, so as to ensure image quality and avoid overexposure and darkness.