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Focus on Human and Vehicle

iQSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms, compares the obtained data with the standard data, and finally obtains a similar value. When the similar value is within a certain range, the monitoring system will generate an alarm. iQSense technology significantly reduces the false alarm caused by light and shadow changes, leaves, cats and dogs, insects, etc., and only alarms for human shape and vehicle shape.


It is mainly used for identification

With the popularity of video surveillance, many video surveillance systems urgently need a fast identity recognition technology in order to quickly identify people in the long distance and realize intelligent early warning. With its advanced AI technology, homaxi face recognition solution provides high accuracy detection rate and recognition rate, and can provide face detection, face comparison, intelligent search and other functions to improve the user experience.


Active deterrence is a proactive solution to warn off potential intruders preventing attempts at criminal activity in the process. Homaxi active deterrence products are the second generation of early-warning solutions released by Qualvision. They saves energy and reduces consumption, and covers a broad range of scenarios.