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In today’s complex world, campus safety has become a pressing issue due to the rising number of incidents. Ensuring the security of students, staff, and visitors is a crucial foundation for academic success and fostering a positive campus reputation. An effective security system, anchored by a comprehensive video surveillance infrastructure, is essential for campus safety.
Homaxi, a leading surveillance solution provider, offers state-of-the-art campus solutions that help mitigate risks of theft, vandalism, bullying, and violence. Our solutions equip administrators with vital intelligence and response capabilities to minimize the consequences caused by those seeking to inflict harm. Homaxi’s product line facilitates a seamless transition back to in-person learning for teachers, students, and administrators, while our advanced technology and AI algorithms cater to various applications.
Student and teacher safety is our foremost priority when implementing a school surveillance solution. Homaxi’s School Security Solution utilizes advanced AI algorithms and deep learning technology to proactively prevent safety hazards, cultivating a more secure school environment. Moreover, our solution features an integrated, one-stop management platform with timely alarm notifications and smart video search capabilities, streamlining CCTV operations and enhancing management efficiency.
Homaxi’s campus video surveillance solutions have been successfully implemented in numerous esteemed institutions, enabling us to gain invaluable experience in diverse projects. Our innovative campus surveillance solutions are efficient, highly reliable, and scalable, providing a complete video surveillance system tailored for educational institutions. These solutions play a vital role in pre-incident prevention, emergency management during incidents, and post-incident evidence gathering, forming a robust line of defense to protect the well-being and property of students, faculty, and campuses.

Solution Detail


A monitoring device with face recognition function is installed at the door to prevent strangers from entering. During the epidemic, an automatic temperature measurement function can be added, and people with fever refuse to enter.

Classrooms, Campus roads and Dinning rooms

High-definition videos can let people clearly see students’ school attendance and food safty, and dispel parents’ concerns.

School buses

GPS can make people clearly know the location of the school bus and the safy of students.

Surrounding areas

The perimeter protection function can alarm the illegal intrusions.