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More details and better visual experience

Full color camera presents color images at night and captures vivid details. It helps the police to extract more useful evidence, such as the color of clothes and cars, so that they can handle cases quickly.


Capture details in night vision

Enhanced IR technology enhances the infrared sensitivity and improves the night vision effect. Zoom intelligently controls the brightness of LED lamp, and the night vision distance can reach more than 100 meters.


Identify details under high contrast lighting conditions

WDR+ uses three frames in one technology to make the image clearer in the case of high contrast. Dual gain technology is used to solve the problem of virtual shadow.


Keep delivering color video with weak light

When the light is very weak, other cameras may switch to infrared mode and black-and-white image, while starlight cameras will continue to provide color video with excellent video quality supported by image processing algorithms. Key technical points:
1. Camera Lens upgrade from 2.0 to 1.6;
2. The sensor uses a large size of 1 / 1.8 “. The minimum illumination is increased from 0.01 to 0.006.


Image technology uses three advanced technologies to output better image quality. Enhanced IR and starlight provide more perfect solutions for night vision. WDR+ technology makes the brightness and darkness in the image more harmonious and the image clearer.