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Homaxi NVR products support the standard ONVIF protocol and are compatible with many friends’ IP cameras.
1. It can correct the time zone and time of the third-party IP Cameras;
2. It can synchronize the configuration of DST (Daylight Saving Time);
3. It can receive the Motion Dection alarms of the third-party IP cameras.


Dual code streams can meet the needs of two different bandwidth code streams, local transmission and remote transmission. High code streams can be used for local transmission to obtain higher HD video storage. Low code streams can be used for remote transmission to adapt to various networks and obtain higher image smoothness.


Synchronous Outputs: the same channel displays at multiple locations simultaneously. The RAID function ensures that data stored on functioning hard drives can still be played back. Pro series NVRs support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10.


NVR host is divided into working machine and backup machine. When the system works, N working machines correspond to one backup machine. When one of the N working machines has problems, the backup machine takes over the video recording of the NVR with problems. When the working machine is online, the backup machine stops recording and sends the video back to the corresponding working machine.


If the network goes down, video recording will move to the onboard SD card in the IP camera. Upon network recovery, the recorded video will return to the NVR.


Super POE is designed for surveillance transmission. It can be used for many challenging locations and provide cost-effective installation.
1. Configurability: configure long-distance transmission for each port on the GUI;
2. Using CAT5e and CAT6 network cables, it can provide 300m long-distance transmission.


We provide a variety of technologies, and the integration of these technologies makes video surveillance more convenient, efficient and powerful. They work together to make people safer.